Readings on Anthropology of the Military

For some reading around this unusual area anthropology can be applied to, some really interesting articles;

  • Gill, L. (1997), Creating Citizens, Making Men: The Military and Masculinity in Bolivia. Cultural Anthropology. 12(4): 527-550


  • Rosen, L. N., & Moghadam, L. Z. (1989). Impact of military organization on social support patterns of Army wives. Human Organization, 48(3), 189-195.


  • Bickford, A. (2001). Male Identity, the Military, and the Family in the Former German Democratic Republic. Anthropology of East Europe Review, 19(1), 65-76.


  • Hoffman, D. (2003), Frontline anthropology: Research in a time of war. Anthropology Today, 19: 9–12.


  • Wax, M. L. (2003), Wartime dilemmas of an ethical anthropology. Anthropology Today, 19: 23–24.


  • Gusterson, H. (2003), Anthropology and the military — 1968, 2003 and beyond?. Anthropology Today, 19: 25–26. doi: 10.1111/1467-8322.00195

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